Almost four years ago, I (Solie) started writing on my personal Instagram page about traditional values.

Before I knew it, my content was gaining traffic, my page was growing, and my follower based was an engaged community of like-minded women.

I had zero plans to monetize my page, I just like creating content and creating community. 

Enter Andre. 

My husband was into online business and as a natural entrepreneur, he saw a wide open opportunity to create products that would not only benefit our lovely online community, but improve our financial situation as well.

Coupled with Andre's business knowledge, and my branding and content creation knowledge, we were able to create ebooks and a course that not only helped countless women but made us tens of thousands of dollars. 

We began to think, There are so many out there without he knowledge and tools necessary to grow online brands that actually produce income. 

NO ONE was helping traditional minded people! Why not us?

And Naptime Income was born. 

What do we teach?


We teach current and aspiring homemakers how to build income-producing online brands. 

Our methods include Instagram growth, creating e-products and services.

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Build an audience and grow your business using social media.

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Everything you need to know to start monetizing your brand online.

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Build a Real Brand


Get individualized guidance to help you take your business to the next level.

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